From the Instructor
Frank G. Bartalos

I am the owner and the
only instructor here at Broadway Driving School. My name is Frank G. Bartalos, and I opened this school in 1974. Prior to opening the school, I taught for three other driving schools, including one in New York City (Queens), where I started teaching in 1970.

It started as a part time job, while attending college in New York. After a few months of giving lessons to people of all different ages, backgrounds and levels of experience, I found that I had a knack for explaining things so that students actually understood how and why to do the things I was teaching them.

In helping them to gain their independence by learning to drive properly and safely, I found so much satisfaction that teaching has become a lifelong career for me.

I opened my own school because I knew I could help people with a practical, important skill they use almost every day of their lives.

I could accept more students, cover a larger service area and would earn much more in profits if I hired a few others to teach for my school, but I personally do all the behind-the-wheel training because I have found throughout the years that many instructors do not have the patience, concern, and judgment that I can offer students of every skill and experience level. I want to know that each student is getting the best possible training, and being the only instructor, I can ensure that my high standards are met.

There is no magic formula for driving instruction. Every student is different. I take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each student and customize the lessons appropriately, adjusting the pace as they learn. If you learn the right things, in the proper sequence, learning becomes easy and fun. I almost never have any students who fail even one exam, and most of them pass the State driver’s test with scores above 90%, with many achieving a perfect score. This rate of success has earned me many, many satisfied students. I look forward to the chance to make you one of them.

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