Broadway Driving School offers private “one-on-one” behind-the-wheel training. Whether you need to build a foundation for proper, defensive driving or you need a simple refresher course or evaluation, our lessons are customized to you.

Why do you or your loved ones need professional driving lessons? For teens, drivers ed in school is a good concept but lacks personal attention and quality time behind the wheel. For teens and all others, family members and friends can be great drivers but sometimes aren’t the best teachers – the stress of a driving lesson can create tension, and a personal vehicle is not outfitted with dual control brakes for safety (like our school training cars are equipped). The best way to establish solid driving skills or refresh your skills is through our professional, private instruction. It’s a smart investment with both short-term and long-term benefits. For a new driver, the first few times behind the wheel are the most dangerous and difficult times.

Let us help you make it safe and easy.

Our lessons offer:

Personalized training with an expert instructor (teaching since 1970)

Targeted, hands-on instruction that helps you gain control over the vehicle including, but not limited to:
  • guiding your car correctly down the road
  • knowing where you are in your lane
  • turning, parking, backing, etc.
  • lane changing
  • expressways
  • how to avoid common mistakes
  • preparation for your official driving test
Training that helps you act defensively and steer clear of dangerous situations

Training that enhances your skill and confidence behind the wheel

The ability to learn comfortably at your own pace

Convenient appointment times and home pick-up

Students who meet our standards can use our car for the actual road test

Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment: 727.343.0911